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Nangoku Genki Dori

  • Nangoku Genki Dori is a chicken that has a good reputation for its mild and flavorful taste. Sales are now spreading all over Japan.
  • Only Marui Agricultural Cooperative members produce Nangoku Genki Dori, so we have traceability from production to delivery of chickens.
  • We manage everything from the production of feed for the chickens through to production, processing, sales, and distribution.
  • The chickens are raised on feed that is free from antibiotics, except for synthetic antimicrobials and vaccines. 
Main varieties etc.

Nangoku Genki Dori

Main shipping destination

Tokyo metropolitan area 25%
Chūkyō metropolitan area 5%
Kansai area 35%
Chūgoku & Shikoku area 10%
Northen Kyushu area 15%
Kagoshima Prefecture 5%
Other areas 5%

Shipping time

All year


Kuro Satsuma Dori

Kuro Satsuma Dori is a black chicken that was developed by the Kagoshima Prefectural Livestock Experimental Station since FY 2001 as the new black of Kagoshima, following Kagoshima black pork and Kagoshima black beef. Development took six years to FY 2006 with the first official shipments commencing in FY 2011.

The Kuro Satsuma Dori’s father is the Satsuma chicken, one of the three fowl species native to Japan, and its mother is the Ouhan Plymouth Rock, which has been nicknamed Goishi in Kagoshima.

Kuro Satsuma Dori has a characteristic tender texture with good crispiness and moderate elasticity. It also contains umami (many flavor components) and has a good amount of fat to make a juicy taste.

Major production area

All around Kagoshima Prefecture

The number of KAGOSHIMA CHICKEN shipped(2024)

119,000 chickens

Recomended recipe

Teriyaki Chicken Don

Enjoy chicken from Kagoshima Prefecture, which is characterized by its juiciness and deeply nice taste, by making teriyaki-don (a teriyaki chicken rice bowl) seasoned sweet and salty, topped with egg.

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