Japanese 繁體華語

Kagoshima Wagyu

  • Kagoshima wagyu is the brand beef of Kagoshima, the largest producer of kuroge wagyu beef, and highly recognized by meat experts.
  • Kagoshima wagyu was created by improving Hashima cattle, Kaseda cattle, and Tanegashima cattle that had been raised since the period between the end of the Edo period and the Meiji Restoration when Japanese people had started eating meat.
  • Kagoshima wagyu’s marbling with its creamy texture and appropriate amount of fat produces a great flavor and a mild, rich taste.
  • Kagoshima wagyu is exported to Hong Kong, Singapore, and the U.S. under the name Kagoshima Wagyu.

Production area

All across Kagoshima

No. of shipped cattle

Approx. 35,000 heads

Kagoshima Wagyu kagoshima japan
Kagoshima Wagyu kagoshima japan
Kagoshima Wagyu kagoshima japan

Recomended recipe

Beef-Wrapped Rice Ball

Take a handful cooked rice, roll it between the hands to make a rice ball. Wrap each rice ball with a slice of Kagoshima Wagyu beef.

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